Hot tubs


We are the very first in Slovakia! There is no bad weather for us!

Kysuce region is not an area rich in thermal springs. On the other hand they are gifted by beautiful pure countryside. We decided to join thermal bathing with the beauty and purity of the surroundings and we created Sudopark.
Hot tubs are designed for those families with children which seek jointly spent spare time, for individuals to relax under the skies or for teams looking for entertainment beyond the ordinary.


A hot tub is a tub with a wooden outside cover and an inside stainless liner heated by a stainless stove placed directly in the water. The diameter of the tub is 2 meters and is designed for a maximum of 6 people. It has a built-in sand filter and a an injection-massage system. The tubs are filled by water from the depth of 40 meters. It is heated up to 38-41 degrees of centigrade. At this temperature it has the same effect on body as sauna and needs the body needs cooling.

Regular hot tub bathing has undeniable positive effect on health similar to those after using sauna. But the unpleasant features of sauna such as breathing hot air, staying in a small place, deficit of oxygen are not present while having a bath in hot tubs. These are replaced by pleasant fresh air with “overload” of oxygen, view of beautiful countryside or of a sky full of stars.

Our Sudopark has 3 hot tubs with capacity of 6 people per a tub. 1 cooling tub built in the ground with a permanent source of spring water. There is a changing room, relax room and a camp fire place at our customers' service within walking distance.


Opening hours

Friday 2 pm – 10 pm

Saturday 10 am – 10 pm

Sunday 10 am – 8 pm



A single two-hour entry:

Children 5 EUR

Adults 7 EUR

(the price includes a towel and the possibility of borrowing a bathrobe)

Renting of the whole tub for 2 hours: 25 EUR

Outside the opening hours: Renting of the whole tub for 2 hours: 33 EUR

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SUDOPARK – a soul spa...


Indulge your friends, family members or your employees with an experience they will not forget...

Hot tubs bathing, relax, trips, rural accommodation in the middle of magnificent countryside.



You are an employer and you are planning to surprise your employees or business partners

by a pleasant free-time activity? We bet they have never experienced hot tubs or cooling in ice-cold fresh mountain-stream water.


Take your children for a wonderful trip or stay with us a few days. Hot tubs, trips in a horse-pulled cart or sleigh, horses, a pond with fish and accommodation in cozy wooden cottages – not only your children will love it all.